MENU   (English Ver.)

Our Recommendations
Original Pork Curry with rice \840
hot and spicy
Rice bowl with Today's SASHIMI 
Japanese soy souse based vinegary dressing 
HERAGANI(local catch crab)spaghetti  \1,600
Assorted original appetizer \1.500
Calamari Carpaccio \650
Today’s fresh CARPACCIO  \1.400
Marinated local catch octopus \630
Marinated herring \780
Quiche with the sea urchin eggs \750
French style omelet with UNI
Tomato & Mozzarella salad  \680
Potato&Onion confit salad \630
Salad César  \750
Tossed Green salad \800
Marinated Salmon \580
Japanese style sliced roast beef salad \750
Salad with Crispy smoked gristle \780
Onion gratin soup \680
Clam chowder soup  \650


Pizza Margherita  \750
Mixed pizza \850
Seafood Pizza \900

Fish for the mail dish

Salmon all'acqua pazza \1.300
Scallop saute garlic sauce \1.000


Coconut milk spicy white curry
Chicken, Japanese radish potato&pineapple
Seafood Spaghetti \1,850
Clam and tomato spaghetti  \1,260
Clam simple spaghetti \1,260
Spaghetti all’arrabbiata \880
Spaghetti Lettuce&bacon \850
Salmon cream spaghetti \1,350
Penne gorgonzola  \1,200
Basil and cheese cream sauce Gnocchi \900

Meat Dish

Stewed Beef \1.580
Grilled pork stake \1.300
Pork cut let  \1.300
Grilled Chicken \1.050
Sautéed chicken with tomato sauce
chicken, beef tongue and pork with soup
Rice / bread \200


Sandwiches with meat pate & salmon marina \780
Croque Monsieur
French style hot open sandwiches with ham&cheese