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Fish for the mail dish


☆HERAGANI (crab)spaghetti    tomato&cream taste  ¥1,680

Meat Dish


     For two person


In this cause, you share the plate with partner.

Please order (select) one from A, B, C and D.



 ① Original appetizer.  

 ② Todays fresh Carpaccio.(fresh sashimi plate with original dressing)

 ③ Two soups /choose one: Onion gratin soup or Todays soup

 ④ Six popularity appetizer/choose two:

   Meat terrine/ Japanese styled beef salad/

  Marinated herring/Quiche with the sea urchin eggs/

   Marinated local catch octopus/ Tomato & mozzarella sala


 ①     Salad with Crispy smoked gristle

   ②     Salad Cesar

  ③     UMINEKOYA chef salad

  ④     Pizza Margherita

⑤     Potato Gnocchi basil and cheese cream sauce


①        Clam and tomato spaghetti

②        Clam simple spaghetti

③        Salmon cream spaghetti

 ④        Penne gorgonzola

 ⑤        Heragani (local catch crab) spaghetti(add more \250 )

 ⑥        Park cut let

 ⑦        Grilled pork 


  ①        Tom yam soup Otaru style (spicy seafood soup bowl)

  ②        Salmon all aqua pazza

 ③        Seafood spaghetti

  ④        Sea urchin eggs and crab Gratin

  ⑤        Stewed Beef


You can also have bread or rice with.

Original dessert & Drink/ choose one: coffee or tea